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February 21, 2021 @ 2:11 am

Ep 77: A Conversation With Sean Chappell About Hivernation

I sat with Sean Chappell from Ramstar Games to talk about their first release: Hivernation. We discuss the design process for this abstract game as well as the challenges of being a first-time designer and publisher. Hivernation will be on Kickstarter April 13th.

1:01 -- A little about Hivernation
3:23 -- Origins of the design
7:20 -- Experience with co-designing and publishing
13:55 -- Constructing a Kickstarter campaign
21:46 -- Development and polishing process
30:31 -- Sean's history with modern board games
33:32 -- The unique joy of playing games in-person
41:47 -- Release info about Hivernation
46:25 -- Future games in the works for Ramstar

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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