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February 10, 2020 @ 6:18 pm

Ep 66: Q&A, Masterpiece Games, and Fundraising Week

It's fundraising week, and that means we're going all out! Not only will we talk about the ways (including some new ways) to support The Thoughtful Gamer, but we're answering listener questions and giving 5 games our "Masterpiece Games" honor! Plus it's our biggest podcast group ever, with Marc, Matt, Orion, Bubba, and Lindsay contributing their thoughts. Every once in a while Amber mutters a comment from across the room.

3:01 - Fundraising Week!
4:22 - Q&A: Ban a game?
8:27 - What is a Masterpiece Game?
12:24 - Masterpiece Game #1: The Resistance
15:44 - Q&A: Guilty pleasure games
20:31 - New opportunity: Looking for podcast sponsors!
21:37 - Q&A: First board game "crushes"
25:33 - Masterpiece Game #2: Twilight Imperium
28:32 - Q&A: Games co-hosts should try
34:04 - New Opportunity: Voiceovers
35:04 - Q&A: Gluten-free baking tips from Lindsay!
38:28 - Masterpiece Game #3: Magic the Gathering
44:51 - Q&A: How has our approach to gaming evolved?
47:50 - New Opportunity: "Final Look" Rulebook Checking
49:50 - Q&A: Game progression for new players
54:45 - Masterpiece Game #4: Dominion
1:01:33 - Q&A: Game peripherals
1:05:44 - Masterpiece Game #5: Chess
1:10:27 - Q&A: Group social behavior norms

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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