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January 24, 2020 @ 5:37 pm

Ep 65: A Conversation With Ken Franklin

I've never met anyone at passionate about the transformative power of gaming as Ken Franklin. Matt and I caught up with him at PAX Unplugged and chatted about his designs, his faith, and why non zero-sum games can change the world. [Headphones recommended due to some background noise]

0:39 - Ken Franklin's history with board games
2:30 - The Mansky Caper
4:44 - Non zero-sum games
11:44 - Faith, religion, and art
16:50 - Imagineers
18:43 - Working with Chris Leder/Back To The Future
21:57 - The single winner problem
24:13 - Party games
26:30 - Upcoming designs
28:31 - Positive experiences through gaming

Music: Sailing The Solar Wind by Abstraction

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